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Peru is an unforgettable and novel paradise that sparks the imagination and whets the appetite. The delicious and varied Peruvian cuisine dates back to ancient times even before the Incas time, where their inhabitants used to experiment with new plants and took advantages to get the best of them.


Nowadays, Peruvian cuisine is the result of fusion between the tradition of ancient Peru and other elements acquired from Spanish, Arabs, and African cuisine. The significant influence of Cantonese Chinese, Japanese, Italians since XIX century and the others Europeans influence that had migrated during the XIX and XX centuries.


Peru is the country that has the greatest number of traditional foods that is why it is impossible to set a complete list of dishes. For example, there are more than 2,500 types of soups, 250 traditional desserts along the Peruvian coast and there are 3000 varieties of the potatoes in Peruvian highland.


In November 2012, UNESCO declared Peruvian cuisine as ‘’intangible heritage of humanity’’ due to rich gastronomy and an important contribution to the legacy of the American continent. In November of the same year, Peru was chosen as ‘’ World's Leading Culinary Destination’’ for World Travel Awards 2012 (WTA) getting the ‘’Oscar of Tourism’’ for the prestigious The Wall Street Journal.