Food Tours

Lima is “The Gastronomic Capital of America” due to the variety of flavors, result of the initial fusion from the old Peruvian cuisine with some elements brought from Spanish,Arab and important influence of Chinese and Japanese.


For that reason, we offer a Culinary Experience where you can delight with the best of the Peruvian gastronomy and the beauty of its Colonial city.

Ceviche + Causa Limeña + Pisco Sour.

Enjoy this unique culinary tour where you will learn the secrets of how the perfect Ceviche is made. Where our lovely Chefs will take you on a fascinating journey through the tastes of our city. You will learn how to prepare the two highlights that represent the Peruvian kitchen worldwide: the famous "Ceviche", "Causa Limeña" and a delicious cocktail drink "Pisco Sour". The tour ends with a delicious dessert of Artisan Lúcuma Gelato. In addition, of course, you get to taste a lot and you will even prepare your own!


Daily departures: 10:00 AM Duration 5 hrs. / Price per person USD $ 110

Reservation in advanced


  • Private tour with pickup at your hotel and private transportation
  • Visit a typical Peruvian market in Surquillo
  • Preparation and competition of "Ceviche", "Causa Limeña and "Pisco Sour"
  • Tasting of Fruits
  • Visit the small Fish Port of Chorrillos


Minimum 2 passengers


Ask for a group discount if you are a more than 7 people.

PERUVIAN COOKING CLASS with a local family
Buy / Learn / Taste

You and your friends will embark on a four- hour's immersion into a Peruvian gastronomy tour in the heart of Lima City.  On this 4-hour tour, we shall visit the typical Market while there; you will try exotic fruits and go to buy all the ingredients to cook typical Peruvian food. Then you will know how to prepare the famous Peruvian"Pisco Sour "cocktail ".


Daily departures: 10:00 AM / Price per person USD $ 90

Lunch: 3 menu options



1- Papa a la Huancaina (Potatoes covered with Peruvian cream sauce)
2- Ceviche (Peru's national dish! Fresh raw fish marinated in lime juice)
3- Causa rellena (like mashed potatoes)

Main courses:

1- Lomo saltado (slices of beef, potatoes, onions and tomatoes)
2- Arroz con Pollo (Chicken and rice  with cilantro in a Peruvian style)
3- Aji de gallina (it is made with chicken, yellow chili, milk and French bread)


  • The group has to pick the same menu, which will be given at the day of the reservation.


Ask for a group discount if you are a more than 7 people

The Fruits Route & Peruvian Healthy Food

Discover the wide variety of fruits, organic and medicinal produces in our country. See the typical market of exotic fruits such as lucuma, aguaymanto, camu-camu, and others. Visit The Organic Market "Biofair". After that, taste nutritious juices, Peruvian healthy food, and a typical dessert.


Daily departures: 10:00 AM

Duration: 4HRS.


Price per person: USD $80


Visit Ecological Fair of Miraflores Saturday – Sunday

Culinary Experience

We would like to offer a full culinary experience where you can delight with the best of the Peruvian gastronomy and the beauty of its colonial city.

The first stop will be at a typical market where you will see a variety of Peruvian products. The tour continues with a visit to one of seafood restaurant where you will learn how to prepare "Ceviche" and “Causa Limeña””with the Head Chef and our drink“Pisco Sour” . Visit The ChocoMuseum that is the perfect stop if you want to see how chocolate is made from Peruvian cocoa beans. The tour ends with a delicious dessert made with exotic Peruvian fruit called “Piirámide de Lúcuma” at a picturesque coffee shop.

Drop off at your hotel chosen PM at the end of the tour.


Daily Departures: 9:00 AM

Duration: 7HRS.


Get a nice souvenir and surprises!




Come to ''Barranco'' a bohemian district of Lima. Meet it is famous "Bridge of Sights". Visit the place where the organic coffee is roasted and you try a cup. Then, go to the "Magic Circuit of Water "which shows us beautiful dancing waters with colored lights. The tour ends with a typical buffet and a Peruvian Dance Show. (Magic Circuit of Water: Tues. – Dom.). Get a gift 1 Coffee bag.


Daily Departures: 05:00 PM



Reservation in advanced

City Tour Barranco: The Bohemian &Artistic City

If you love the night and bohemian culture this is the perfect tour for you.


Discover Barranco charming and Bohemian place. Meet it is famous "Puente de los Suspiros". Know MATE, cultural institution created to show permanently Mario Testino's works, photographer recognized for being famous between celebrities .Visit Second Home a unique guesthouse located in a Tudor mansion called before House & gallery of  the famous Peruvian and international artist Victor Delfin, where you enjoy his acclaimed works and have a magnificent ocean view.  Visit of Gallery of Peruvian art and crafts, Dédalo. Finally yet importantly, you can also try to enjoy tasty cocktails and appetizers.¡You cannot miss it! 


  • Victor Delfin/s house-workshop (reservation prior 2 days)


Departures: Tuesday – Sunday 5:00 PM

Duration: 5HRS.


Reservation in advanced

Archeological Tours - Full Days

Lima Adobe Pyramids & Larco Museum Gourmet Tour

Discover the Pre-Columbian Pyramids of Lima


Visit the Larco Museum, which presents the Peruvian Pre-Columbian art of 40.000 years ago, where you will see the best gold and silver pieces made in the Old Peru and its famous erotic art collection. The second stop will be at pyramid ''Huaca Pucllana'' , an impressive construction from the early Peruvian cultures. In our last stop, you will have a delicious Peruvian gourmet lunch or dinner.


2 DEPARTURES: WED– MON 9:00 AM. / 2:00 PM.

Sanctuary of Pachacamac

The mistery of Pachacamac´s Oracle and its sacred town


Explore the Inca Citadel of “Pachacamac” ,the most important archeological zones of the Peruvian coast.It has a lot of pre-Columbian Temples and Pyramids. After we will have a delicious lunch at “Huerta de Pachacamac “restaurant.


  • Includes a bottle of Peruvian wine


Departures:Tuesday –Sunday 09:30 AM

Duration: 6HRS.

The Lost Pyramid Of Caral

Come spend the day with us and visit the oldest city in the Americas!


We invite you to explore this magnificent civilization located 95 miles in North of Lima, specifically in the valley of Supe. Caral is 5000 years old and appear simultaneously with others civilizations like Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China. In the tour, you will observe many buildings where the most important attractions are truncated pyramids, sunken Circular Square and an architectural complex that was used as an amphitheater.


The tour ends with a visit to the coast city of Huacho where you will enjoy its beaches. Drop off at your hotel at the end of the tour.


Daily departures: 06:45 hrs Full Day

Recommendations:Dress in light clothing (Wear sunglasses, hat and tennis shoes). Use of a 40 SPF sun block. .


ICA ADVENTURE Sandboarding & Buggies


Enjoy our South Coast which has deserts, fertile valleys and dunes. Visit ‘’The Oasis of Huacachina’’ where you feel the adrenaline doing sand boarding and buggies. The tour ends wth a visit to famous vineyards with a taste of our our national drink Pisco.


  • Includes a bottle of Peruvian wine


Daily departures: 05:00 AM

Duration: 1 DÍA


Reservation in advanced



Come and know the reasons to do this delicious and aromatic trip!


Visits: July- September


Reservation in advance

Suggest Tours

Lima Colonial City Tour /
Cathedral +Larco Museum + Lunch


We offer a tour for the ''City of kings'', where you can delight with the best of the Peruvian gastronomy and the beauty of its colonial architecture. Activity will take us on a guided City Tour of Pre-Columbian, Colonial and modern Lima, spending some time at" Cathedral of Lima ".


  • City Tour + Culinary Experience


Daily Departure: 10:00 AM

Duration: FULL DAY.


Discover the Pre-Columbian Pyramids of Lima


Go to Historic Center of Lima and its renewed lights circuit. You will see the different architectural styles and building susch as Plaza de Armas , Catedral de Lima , Palacio de Gobierno , and others. Visit "Huaca Pucllana " an impressive construction from the early Peruvian cultures and is illuminated at night.


Departures: Wed –Sun 06:00 pm

Duration: 5HRS.


Reservation in advanced



Know the biggest Chinatown in South America that is more 163 years in Peru. Walk in the Main Squares of the Historic Center of Lima to the Chinatown and discover the magic, tradition and mysticism of a millenary culture. The tour ends with a delicious Peruvian- Chinese buffet –lunch



Daily Departures: 10:00 AM

Duration: 5 HRS. APROX.